Yorkson: January 28, 2018

Hello Yorkson Leaders!

Thank you for showing up for the kids at Yorkson.  Here’s what Kristen Ivy has to say about showing up for kids:

In preschool, kids need you to show up so they know you.

There are more changes in the first years of life than in any others. That means the world of a toddler is unstable. It’s no wonder they need adults to step in and create some stability. The best thing you can give a preschooler is a familiar face. If they don’t know who you are, you won’t have a lot of success giving them anything else that matters—just think about how many preschoolers cry when they visit Santa.

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In elementary years, kids need you to show up so they know you know them.

In elementary school kids are fascinated with life. They are discovering new ideas and experiences every day, and they want someone to discover it all along with them. The best thing you can give an elementary-age kid is your fascination with who they are. When you show up for an elementary-age kid, they need to know you know their name, their pet’s name, their interests, and their favorite snack food.

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Here is the curriculum for January 28th:

Nursery Story

Large Group: Juniors

Small Group 3-5’s Jan 28

Large Group: Gr 1-5

Gr 1-3 Small Group Jan 28

Gr 4-5 Small Group Jan 28

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